The Gathering

The Gathering

It’s 4pm Friday 1st March. It’s Saint David’s Day. (Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant) It’s also the beginning of our inaugural ‘The Gathering’ weekend.

It’s been weeks in the planning. Our call has been heard, plans have been drawn up, weather forecasts checked, (and checked again), routes have been plotted and trusty steeds have been prepared. Excitement has been building and finally it’s here.

Clan members begin to arrive, some roll in having cycled and others, from much further afield arrive by car. Joan Carrillo has travelled from Catalonia and wheels in aboard his special edition Enigma Bikes Pan Celtic Steed. It’s been forged especially for the weekend and is commanding lots of attention. Official Race Partners have joined us, forming bonds of fellowship and sharing ideas, including Jack and Rupert of Albion who will photograph the event, capturing the very essence of Wales from within. Everyone is greeted by friendly handshakes and hearty cheers with the local Welsh beer being offered up by many. Strangers becoming friends in an instant. There’s even cake.

The evening becomes a blur as more and more Clan Members arrive. Tales being told, talk of race goals and strategy plus laughs aplenty. The story of Sax Man a particular highlight. Matt, Rebecca, Pete and I share fleeting glances and nods of approval. That feeling that we are creating something truly special and unique again so evident in the joy and enthusiasm surrounding us. Danny and Jon have journeyed with a gift from Restrap that celebrates our ethos. I go to bed feeling happy and excited for what lies ahead.

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