Steven Le Hyaric on Franceinfo TV

Steven Le Hyaric on Franceinfo TV

Steven Le Hyaric, adventurer extraordinaire.

Steven Le Hyaric loves adventure and crossing our planet by bike. Here we chat ecology and how to dig deep and exceed your limits.

Steven started life as a professional cyclist. His career over, he knew he simply could not resign himself to life behind a desk. So he began a new chapter based on his passions: his bicycle, and the sharing of his adventures in incredible places.

His achievements are impressive. He’s covered 150,000 km by bike, spent 120 days in Nepal crossing some of the greatest mountains in the world, competed in two Ironmen, cycled Mont Blanc and pedalled the entirety of France, his home country.

Then he decided to cross the Nepalese Himalayas by bike following the Great Himalayan Trail (2000km / 90 000m of elevation gain). "Everything I do is with commitment and passion and I always try to share my experiences as much as I can,” explains Steven. But it's not always easy. Sometimes, as Steven explains, he’s really at the edge of what he can handle.

And yet he’s launching a brand new challenge: "666": 6 deserts, 6 continents, 6 months of adventure and exploration by bike, 20 000 cumulative km. Not only will Steven be attempting to set a new world record for crossing the deserts, he’ll also have a second aim - to raise awareness of "desertification", a symptom of global warming which will see Europe severely affected by 2030 if action isn’t taken.

Stéven will be sharing his journey, the emotions and excitement, as well as data collected from his bike crossings of the 6 deserts. In doing so he’ll improve understanding of how the human body adapts to such tough conditions.