Another mad-capped cyclist

Another mad-capped cyclist

Introducing Stéven Le Hyari, another cyclist extraordinaire supported by Restrap. After a brief stint as an elite cyclist, Stéven’s turned his legs to adventure and to travelling the world by bike.

His first stop was his own doorstep, France, which he crossed on two wheels. From there, his horizons became literally more lofty as he traversed Nepal from east to west, cycling 2000 kilometres, 90,000 metres of elevation and climbing twenty passes over 5000 metres high.

Next up – the formidable “666 project” – 6 of the world’s toughest deserts on 6 continents in 6 months. The record-breaking attempt will see Stéven ride from Paris to Dakar to raise awareness of climate change.

We’re looking forward to following Stéven’s epic journey later this year.

Follow his progress here