The Pan Celtic Race 2019

The Pan Celtic Race 2019

Restrap is excited to sponsor the inaugural Pan Celtic Race in July 2019. It’ll be no mean feat: 1440 miles through the heartlands of Scotland, Ireland and Wales, 86,371 feet of climbing and, of course, 100% self supported cycling.

Yes, it’s a race. But what a route! Despite being nose-to-the-bars, we’re sure the competitors will enjoy soaking in the stunning landscapes of the Celtic nations. They’ll pass through mountains, by lakes and along coastlines stepped in ancient cultures and history.

One of these competitiors will be Restrap’s own Jon. We’ll be loading him up with bags and sending him to Scotland to see how he fares. He’s no stranger to bikepacking (it’s kind of compulsory if you work here), having toured around the Highlands and Japan. But this will be his first race.

We’ll be following Jon as he preps for the event, starts training (we hope!) and will be documenting his equipment and feelings as the race approaches. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss it.

[GIF taken from Restrap Japan Film currently in progress of editing of Jon]

In the meantime, check out the race details (worth a visit for the photos alone)