Gravel Roads with Legor Cicli

Gravel Roads with Legor Cicli

I had the pleasure of being a special guest and took advantage to test by myself some of Mattia’s new creations as well as my new Restrap kit 

After the job was done, we went for a relaxed ride on Sunday to Collserola, Barcelona’s mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners favourite spot. It’s just around the corner. We rode for few kilometers to get to the first gravel road and then the fun begun.

It was supposed to be a long gravel ride through Barcelona’s “Tuscanian” dusty roads, crossing Mediterranean forests, fields and orchards. But when having John, Mattia and Ken around, it all ends up riding trails and single track on gravel bikes. I have to say I had loads of fun, but I’ll choose my mountain bike the next time. I definitely witnessed the real#roadbikesoffroad.


Due to this bunch’s enthusiastic seek of unexplored trails, our adventure went bigger! We had to spend a long time bike-hiking, carrying our bikes on our shoulders and getting a pretty nice amount of scratches in our hands and arms. But we definitely discovered Collserola’s deepest spots.

You never know whether you are going to spend the entire day riding or getting lost in the middle of nowhere… So it’s a good idea to bring with you a couple of extra layers to avoid scratches as much as possible, as well as protect from Mediterranean late winter’s temperature drop. I bet Mattia would have loved to pick his long sleeve jersey from my bag before falling on a huge bush full of thorns. Sorry, dude! At least he had a quick recovery drinking craft beer and hot sake 

It’s been so nice sharing the ride with this guys in Barcelona. Special thanks to Mattia and Ken for inviting me to join, Jeff and John for the great pictures they took and Enrico for taking the lead 



Text by Luis Cordon

Pictures by Luis Cordon