2016 Ambassadors Announced

2016 Ambassadors Announced

The six chosen ambassadors will be doing a combination of light touring, competitive ultra endurance racing and micro adventures over the year and we’re excited to share with you some of their adventures.

Ben Thomson

Last September Ben and Gaby bike-packed through the Pyrenees as they wanted to tick off as many Pyrenees climbs in one trip as physically possible. They went super light style with board shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops for the evening and not much more than that! 

Sophie Edmondson

A familiar face to the Restrap family, Sophie was in Leeds two years ago and spent a lot of time riding with us.  Since departing to London she’s embarked on racing for The 5th Floor and has already begun organising adventures in the UK as well as abroad!

James Hayden

One of the front runners of the Trans Continental Race 2015, James will be spending most of his time from now until July riding and preparing for his second attempt at the TCR2016!

Laura Scott

Laura loves exploring new places/cultures and has a  huge bucket list of places with climbs and routes she looks to conquer throughout the next few years. Laura’s currently training for the Race across America, just a mere 4400 mile journey over 10 states!

Tom Hill

Tom’s experience is endless – off road, on road, full suspension, rigid 29er, the list goes on. He’s a super skilled rider and always likes a good challenge big or small! Tom’s a yes man so he never turns down the opportunity to ride/race somewhere new.

Gaby Leveridge

After finishing the Transcontinental in 2014 last year Gaby concentrated on her road racing career riding for Starley Racing but in-between her busy schedule she can’t resist the occasional dabble in adventure racing! In May she snuck off on a girls weekend to do the Tuscany Trail race to ride the trails!


You can find out more about the ambassadors over the coming week on Facebook and Instagram.