It’s in the name; bike-PACKING. To travel distances a little further than an average day ride, we tend to need to pack more gear with us. How much we take obviously depends on how far we ride, the conditions we’ll face and the level of comfort we want along the way, but whatever your set up, you want to be sure you can carry everything you need on the road or trail. Capacity matters.

At Restrap, we are riders as well as manufacturers of technical bikepacking gear. That means we understand the importance of accurate, transparent and real-world capacity listings for our products. In fact, giving you all the information you need to make an informed purchase is a cornerstone of our brand. 


We use a standardised process to measure the capacity on all of our products; and that’s the figure that we share with you. 

We start in the most simple manner. While we are in the design stage  – using the dimensions of the bag – we are able to estimate a rough capacity. Length x width x height will obviously throw out a number, but we don’t make anything that’s a perfect cube, so we need to account for this with accurate volumetric measurements.


Bags aren’t a solid fixed object either. They flex, bulge and expand when they’re packed out. We account for this by cross referencing our calculated capacity with a real-world test. For us, this involves filling the bags with water and measuring that volume of fluid. It’s as simple as that, but it gives us a completely accurate figure of the maximum capacity. This is the figure that you will see listed against products in our store.


You will notice that many of our products use roll tops to create a waterproof closure, and allow variability in capacity. Don’t need to carry so much? Simply add a few rolls to the closure. 

What some people don’t know is that for a rolltop to be fully waterproof it needs at least three rolls on the closure. And that’s exactly how we measure our capacity. For us, there is no point measuring any unusable capacity – it simply isn’t being honest.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why we included detailed sizing guides and images to illustrate the capacity of each product. This visual representation helps you better understand the internal organisation of the product and what its volume means in terms of real world capacity. After all; you are packing distinct objects – often awkward shapes – not pouring water into your own kit. On our larger packs, we’ve even included animated kit grids showing you exactly what can fit in each bag.

Thoughtful packing on your part also helps optimise the space you have available. Becoming an expert packer comes down partly to trial and error and partly to experience. Over time you’ll work out a system that best works for you. Everything will have a place and there’ll be a place for everything. 


As always; remember just because you can carry something, doesn’t mean you should. The more you bring, the more your bike will weigh and the less fun it will be to ride. The route to true bikepacking enlightenment is treading the path of bringing exactly what you need to be safe and comfortable and no more.

To help you along that journey a little quicker, our how-to videos and online guides give tips on the best way to pack your luggage, as well as what to bring and what to leave at home. 


Bikepacking is as diverse as the landscapes you’ll be riding through, and different riding styles often dictate varying capacity choices.

Choice empowers you to tailor your gear selection to suit your specific requirements. You may prioritise lightweight and minimalist designs for fast and light trips, while others may opt for larger capacities to accommodate extended stays in the great outdoors. 

For the endurance racer pushing the limits of speed and efficiency, shaving off every gram of excess weight is important. It’s likely that a racer will be bringing the minimum kit required; and choosing the lightest, smallest options when it comes to sleep systems, spare clothing etc. In this context, opting for light, compact, streamlined gear (like the kit from our Race Range) with smaller capacities makes most sense. 

For the cyclist embarking into the unknown on multi-day or multi-week adventures, capacity takes on a whole new significance. With the need to carry provisions, gear, and equipment for extended periods, larger capacity options become essential. Our bikepacking range offers designs in a variety of sizes; the largest of which offer ample storage for everything but the proverbial kitchen sink and will facilitate self-sufficient travel through the harshest of terrain.


To sum things up, that capacity figure that you’ll find on our products means a hell of a lot more to us than a number; because we know it means a lot more to you than that. 

Real-world bikepacking needs products designed and tested in the real-world. Whether you are planning your next race or an adventure into the arctic circle, you can be sure our range of products will carry everything you need, in a way that suits your chosen style of riding.

We want you to be confident in our commitment to quality and reliability. Our materials, components and design features are chosen for their durability, resistance to the environment, and ability to withstand wear and tear, ensuring that our products are built to last and perform at their best in any situation. This is why all our products are sold with a Lifetime Warranty.