Why I love adventures

Posted by Megan Owen on

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Bikepacking is the perfect convergence of all my passions. I'm a touring backcountry skier, kiteboarder and mountain biker. I love the outdoors, nature and adventure! Cycling is all about this.

I started bikepacking a few years ago with friends on weekends. When good weather returns, I am continually thinking about my next ride! I plan one big trip every year - each time trying to learn more about myself and setting myself new goals.

Last year It was the Tuscany trail in Italy. 540 km of mountains, road & gravel in 4 days. This year it will be the Highland Trail 550 in Scotland. I plan to finish it in 6 days…it will be a brand new long distance experience, mountain biking with 27.5 tyres.

I love preparing my bike and gears, packing my stuff and getting ready D-day!