The Restrap Solstice Century Challenge

The Restrap Solstice Century Challenge

The Solstice Century Challenge


New to 2020, Restrap is proud to announce our biannual Solstice Century challenge!

We know there’s something special about riding in the winter. Heading out on a crisp morning and squeezing every bit of enjoyment you can out of the reduced daylight hours can be extremely rewarding. The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year when the sun is the lowest in the sky.




Over the Winter Solstice weekend on 19th & 20th December, the plan is to make the most of the dwindling daylight and ride 100 miles within the Solstice weekend. This can be in one ride, or multiple rides. Indoors or outdoors, It’s entirely up to you! 

All riders who complete the challenge will receive an exclusive Solstice Century Patch for their efforts. 

You can use Strava, Komoot, RideWithGPS, or any other ride tracking platform. Make sure your ride is public so we can see it!

There’s also a chance to win some bonus goodies! Tag us in a photo of your ride using the tag #SolsticeCentury and show us what you’ve been up to. Capture a beautiful sunrise or sunset, show off your local gravel trails, or do something crazy and unique. Our favourite photo will win a set of 125L Exposure Trace Lights with a custom laser-etched Restrap logo, and a packable Race Musette to keep your goodies in! 

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When you've done your Solstice Century, fill in the details below and submit the link to your ride on Strava/Komoot/RidewithGPS:

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You can tag #SolsticeCentury here:

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The Rules: 

You have to ride 100 miles total throughout the weekend from 19th to 20th December. Only rides done during these dates will be counted.

Post a photo on social media with the tag #SolsticeCentury from your rides to be eligible to win a custom set of Exposure Trace Lights (front and rear). 

This isn’t a race. Speed and time do not matter, just get out there and have a great time!

Ride outdoors or indoors, on-road or off-road, all rides welcome.

By entering, you may receive correspondence, news and promotions from Restrap.

You're welcome to follow along with other riders who tag #SolsticeCentury and also by joining the Strava club -

By participating in the Solstice Century event, you agree that you will ride safely and responsibly, and if any riding is done at night, you will ensure that you ride with lights on, and high visibility clothing.