#RoadtoRestrap: a celebration of a cooperation. A test for our legs, mind and gear

#RoadtoRestrap: a celebration of a cooperation.  A test for our legs, mind and gear

On July 29th we will ride the longest ride of our life: the NorthCape4000, a 4000 kilometer ride between Florence and Northcape, with checkpoints in Brenner (Italy), Nürnberg (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden) and Rovaniemi (Finland). It will be our first ultra endurance event.

Officially it’s not a race, so for us it will be a race against ourselves, trying to ride around 300 kilometers everyday, for 14 days in a row.

We’ve trained hard in the winter months to be in the best possible shape this summer and are happy with our latest physical test showing that the hard work is paying off. But as well as the physical aspect, your gear is at least as important when riding an ultra endurance event.

For that reason we’re very happy we will ride the NorthCape4000 as ‘Restrap Ambassadors’, our bikes fully packed with Restrap gear.

And is there a better way to celebrate such a great cooperation than with a bikepacking tour from Ghent to Restrap in Yorkshire, to test our gear and our legs? We don’t think so...

And what a week it was!

Maarten devised some great routes between Ghent and Leeds. Three days and 675 kilometers after we left Ghent we arrived at Megan and Nathan’s place in Leeds where we stayed for a rest day.

On our rest day we went to the Restrap workshop and did a short social evening ride to Eccup Reservoir where we had a beer and enjoyed a beautiful sunset on our way home.

The next day we planned our Queen Stage: from Leeds crossing the Yorkshire Dales to Kendal, where we booked a room for the night, dropped our saddle bags and left for a tour through the Lake District. WHAT – A –RIDE! 257 kilometers with 4000 metres of altitude. It was probably the hardest ride we've every done, but definitely the most beautiful one.

After that more than satisfying ride we were ready for our road home. We had two days to catch the ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge which gave us time to take it easy during the 230 kilometers from Kendal to Hull. Once arrived in Zeebrugge we only had to ride 60 kilometers home.

Our #RoadtoRestrap was a successful test for our legs, mind and gear. 1250 kilometers with 10.000 meters of altitude taught us a lot. NorthCape4000: we’re coming!