Riding with Restrap: Robin Doriguzzi

Riding with Restrap: Robin Doriguzzi

Introducing Restrap customer Robin Dorguizzi, 24.

Robin grew up in the shadow of the infamous peak of Mont Ventoux, in the ancient city of Avignon. He’s been cycling for ten years, enjoying long sunny rides in his native south of France. However, since 2016 he’s swapped the mountains for the flat plains of the Netherlands and now lives in Amsterdam.

It was on Mont Ventoux itself that Robin first became acquainted with Restrap.

“I was working as a volunteer for the 2015 Transcontinental Race,” explains Robin, “and was on the checkpoint on the summit”. Robin ran into Restrap’s Tim Pulleyn who was taking part in the race, his bike laden with Restrap luggage.

Robin liked what he saw. The pair struck up a conversation and Robin contacted Restrap to get some bags of his own.

“So far I’ve used the frame bag, saddle bag and bar bag,” explains Robin. “The thing that I like the most is the authenticity of the product. Made in Yorkshire by hand -  it's super cool. And when you receive your product you get a little card with the name of the person who made it, I love that touch.” 

Robin made his first bike packing trip last year, crossing the Alps from north to south. He and a friend cycled 660km over 17 mountain passes.

“The trip was an amazing journey through beautiful mountains landscapes and magnificent roads”, explains Robin. “Climbing all those passes is one of my biggest cycling achievements for sure. The wild part of the trip was also really nice, finding somewhere to sleep every night just made the trip more exciting.”

“I also love being totally autonomous”, he says. “Each day you start to see improvements in the way you organise your stuff and get through bad situations.  The toughest part for me was climbing the "Col du Glandon" in drizzle in only 6 degrees. It's a super steep climb.”

Robin’s advice? “Just put luggage on your bike and pedal. Let the road take you to magnificent places and enjoy the moment”.

Their pair’s eyes are now fixed on the French Pyrenees for this year’s adventure. It seems Robin really has mountains in his blood.


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