Riding with Restrap: Rebecca Earle

Riding with Restrap: Rebecca Earle

Today we meet Restrap customer Rebecca Earle. A former mountain biker, Rebecca took up road cycling two years ago having been inspired by the Sunday club rides she saw around her street.

Rebecca’s favourite rides are to the Norfolk coastline. “Knowing I’ll see the sea keeps me motivated”, she says. “I like rides that have a loose plan, but I always up getting lost – I like the adventure”.

Rebecca balances cycling with a busy working life as teacher. As such, she enjoys riding wherever she can – to the shops, to visit friends, for a quick coffee or to yoga.

Rebecca and her husband Stephen discovered Restrap through Instagram. Both bought a bar bag and saddle bag and are lined up to take them on some adventures. The couple plan to do the Trans Kernow in Cornwall in April and Rebecca hopes to complete her first 200km Audax this month.

The arrival of their two daughters has not dampened the pair’s enthusiasm for cycling. Rebecca plans to take them bike packing as they get older, starting locally by cycling to a nearby campsite for them to experience the adventure, before moving on to bigger trips abroad.

Rebecca is really inspired by the women who complete endurance events and would one day love to have a crack at the TCR herself.

We hope you do, Rebecca!

Follow Rebecca on @becearle.

(Rather lovely) photos by Stephen Pond.