Riding with Restrap: Kris Webb

Riding with Restrap: Kris Webb


He started cycling around 7 years ago, predominantly fixed gear, but his recent purchase of a Surly Long Haul Trucker has given him the bug to explore and is now his go-to bike at the weekend.

Kris’ Instagram gives a snapshot of his explorations in the forest – weaving through woody glens and tackling the mud and glory that typify much of British winter riding.

“I’ve lived in the Forest of Dean all my life”, explains Kris, “so I grew up cycling and playing in the woods. Even now, 20 years later, I still find new trails and beautiful locations in the woods to surprise me. To me, the forest is home.”

Kris first came across Restrap at the NEC Cycle Show two years ago where he saw #CarryEverything kit on a display bike.

He’s since bought a frame bag which he uses on his Surly to keep his valuables and essentials in for day rides.

Kris states “attention to detail” as the main reason he chose his Restrap bag. “I saw how well the bag was made,” he says, “with separate pockets for all my bits and bobs, I don’t need to rummage about to find things.”

Kris now plans to take his bike and bag further afield once he’s finished studying with a tour to Scandinavia.

We’ll look forward to seeing how he gets on!

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