Restrap | The Story

Posted by Alex Dyson on

“Being tight Yorkshiremen, we’ll make it rather than buy it.”

Although it’s said with a degree of wry humour, that’s the philosophy that has guided Restrap since Nathan Hughes founded the brand in 2010. Back then, he was building bike pedal straps out of recycled car seatbelts in a back bedroom - seatbelts that he’d cut out of cars in scrapyards himself. Initially, the idea was just to build enough for him and his mates to charge their track bikes around the Yorkshire hills but the quality and aesthetic of what Hughes was making was obvious - stopping there wasn’t an option.

As the products grew larger and Restrap gained more and more interest, Hughes needed more help to manufacture and more space to do it in. So he gathered a collective of cycling-obsessed designers and creatives and sourced a workshop in Leeds, taking pains to work with only the best tools and most meticulous craftsmen to ensure that the quality of Restrap’s products remained high. Everything the brand do is geared around creating the best products they can and that stems from two crucial elements: sourcing local materials and working with people who know their shit.

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