Follow the race: Further Perseverance 2023

Follow the race: Further Perseverance 2023

August 25th sees the start of this year's edition of FURTHER Perseverance.

The first in a trio of races this year takes riders deep into the Pyrenees. The race is named Perseverance, which is somewhat telling of the format of the race.

The race takes on a different approach to an ultra endurance race. Riders will start in Refuge de Ruhle, which is a hard-to-get-to mountain refuge deep in the mountains.

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Riders will need to ride 9 sectors in total, navigating themselves between each sector. The time starts when riders leave Refuge de Ruhle, and stops when they get back, so the total distance is dictated by how prepared each rider is to conquer the tough terrain in the Pyrenees, and how they route themselves from sector to sector.

You can follow the race tracker and view the route here:

Last year’s race was decided by curfews on certain sectors, which are designed to restrict riders’ movements for safety concerns (on the toughest of passes), but also add a strategic element to the racing. 

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With the weather threatening to make this year’s race significantly tougher than previous years, riders' kit choices will play a key part in how the event pans out.

Riders to follow:

Philippa Battye

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Fresh and recovered from 2nd in this year's HT550, Philippa returns for a second year having placed 2nd in last year’s event, a mear two hours behind the leader. She's aiming to beat last year's time, and snatch the win. 

Neil Phillips

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Neil is back again at Refuge de Rulhe with some unfinished business. Last year’s race saw him spend considerable time at the front of the race, despite routing errors in the early stages. Unfortunately Neil got caught out by the curfews on the tougher mountain sections. He’s taken a different strategy this year, with a different kit load out and a full sus Canyon bike. 

Thomas Boury

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This is Thomas's first shot at Further, Thomas is well prepared for the race, with Atlas Mountain Race, Hope 1000, Two Volcano Sprint under his belt, amongst some tough-as-nails FKTs. Thomas has been preparing for the race with some hill reps of Mont Ventoux... using the hiking routes (naturally).

Photos from:

Mason Cycles @mason_cycles

Rupert Hartley @ruperthartleyphoto

Albion Cycling @albion.cycling


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