From the sun to the snow: travels in Chengdu

From the sun to the snow: travels in Chengdu

The day before a Fixed Gear event, Adam and I went to a famous mountain named Siguniangshan (its name translates as "Four Girls Mountain") in Chengdu. I was driving the support car while Adam was riding with Restrap and Campagnolo. 

It was 20°C at first, but when we reached a height of 4,000 meters above sea level, it was -2.5°C and snowy. The trip was hard but exciting, full of beautiful views never to be found in a urban life.

Because we didn't know that the mountain top would be quite as cold as that, Adam was only wearing bib shorts, and didn't bring any energy gels. Thank God that we'd brought some preserved fruit at the foot of the mountain.

Adam had put them in his stem bag and been eating them all the way. Without this it would have been impossible to reach the top. 

We'd love to come back and ride the mountain with friends if we are lucky enough to have a chance in the future. 

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