Follow the Race: Further East 2022

Follow the Race: Further East 2022

This weekend, riders will be rolling out for this year’s edition of FURTHER East.

Further East is the second in a pair of races from Camille Mcmillan, and with a route designed by Josh Ibbett, riders will be heading into Cambridgeshire and the Fens, this event takes on a different character and format to it’s Pyrenees based sister race.

You can follow the race tracker and view the route here:

This time the route is a single loop with riders set off in one-minute intervals, a format that pays homage to the age-old format of a cycling time trial. In a wink to randonneurs of old, each rider will wear an arm band with their race number on, and their start time is dictated by a tombola the night before around the campfire. 

The route is 425 miles in total, and riders have 60 hours to complete it to classify a finishing time.

The route is mainly offroad, and takes in various bridleways, farm tracks and ancient roman roads that criss-cross the countryside. If the weather is on the riders side, the riding will be fast and fierce. If it rains however, the race could prove incredibly difficult, with lots of these tracks turning into a mudbath.

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