2021 Round-Up

2021 Round-Up

What a year it has been. We hope you’ve enjoyed reuniting with friends, family and loading up your bike for some proper adventures as much as we have. Here’s some of our highlights from the last 12 months for you to enjoy in brief moments of peace between family gatherings or hours on the sofa from too many roast potatoes.

A huge thanks from the Restrap team to all of our customers and friends for a fantastic year. Let's have a look at what we got up to in 2021.

In September we released our latest film: NORTH COAST, from our tour of the North Coast 500 in 2020. 

This year, we toured Croatia. Looking for some reconciliation after the torrential rain and midge swarms from their North Coast 500, the warm waters and epic mountain vistas of Croatia seemed like the perfect antidote. Read about our experience here: https://restrap.com/blogs/news/restrap-does-croatia-2021

Check out the bikes here: https://restrap.com/blogs/news/restrap-does-croatia-2021-bike-check

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Our product designer Danny Lane and ambassador India Landy took on the Pan Celtic Ultra Endurance Race for the first time. Danny opted for the shorter 853 mile route, whilst India tackled the full 1240 mile monster, finishing in 5 and 8 days respectively.

You can watch a recap of the 2021 edition of the race here: 

The GBduro is always exhilarating to follow and this year was no exception, keeping Dotwatchers all over the world on their toes for its duration. 

restrap gbduro bikepacking

Restrap employee Carl Hopps, ambassador Alice Lemkes and Paria Magic Rock Racing rider Victoria Peel all took on the arduous task of getting from Lands End to John O’Groats by bike and all ripped up the country at an alarming rate, with a 4th place for Carl, 7th for Alice and 10th for Victoria.

restrap products bar pack tyre boot carry cargo cage

2021 has seen the launch of a number of new products, from the likes of our spacious and waterproof Bar Pack to our compact and ride-saving Tyre Boot Kit. 

We've put together these little illustrations to visualize some stats from the year for you, because who doesn't love a good infographic?⁠

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We couldn't have done it without you guys, so we extend our thanks to all our customers for choosing Restrap for their bikepacking adventures this year. We are a small and independent team of people that love what we do and it means the world to us.⁠

We hope you all have a great new year, and we're looking forward to seeing what adventures you all get up to in 2022.⁠

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Photo credit: Dan King (@breakawaydigital), Rupert Hartley (@ruperthartleyphoto), Tom Hill (@24tom),