Exploring the West Highland Way…

Exploring the West Highland Way…

Que text message from Tom Hill.

“Hey Tim, Long shot but how do you feel about doing some epic gravel track in Scotland this weekend?…”

A two day weekend from Tyndrum to Glencoe, mostly grave track with bits of road along the way. The weather was set to be cold but dry which was ideal for me, perfectly happy with cold conditions, it’s the wet that often puts me off (especially after such a damp December).

Overnight kit in the bar bag, Tools and food in the saddle bag, spare clothes and optional warmth in the saddle bag. 

The woodrup bike was built as an ‘all rounder’ it’s seen touring, mountains, fast CG’s and group rides but never mud. This filled me with excitment. Knobbly tyres were loads of fun when I did the Morvelo city cross a few years ago so I was looking forward to experience the Woodrup x Restrap on rough terrain.

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