Tommy's Burls Custom Titanium Track

Tommy's Burls Custom Titanium Track
BURLS Custom Titanium Track & Columbus Leggera 
Wheels: HPLUSSON Archetype on MentalBMX hubs
Crankset: Sugino 75DD Zen
Pedals: MKS w/ Condor straps and BLB cages
Bars and stem: Ritchey Classic wrapped with newbaums and [Packard Bell coloured] Thomson Red Hook Crit stem
Seatpost and saddle: Thomson and Selle Italia Flite
Sprocket and chain: Condor and probably Izumi
Tyres: Randonneurs for winter
Pink Wahoo

Restrap Bar Bag
Restrap Large Frame Bag
Restrap 14L Saddle Bag