Restrap is proud to collaborate with Finnish brand Pelago on a quick-release system for the Rando bag.

Restrap has transformed Pelago’s stainless steel rack, using innovative Fidlock magnetic bolts, allowing Restrap’s Rando bag to mount quickly and easily to the rack. This is the first of its kind. The adaptors can be bought separately to add to an existing Pelago rack or alternatively can be purchased as a complete system. Never has a bag been so easy to mount or remove.


Wald established in 1905 based in Maysville Kentucky. It is one of the only US based manufacturers of bicycle accessories and makes over 250,000 baskets each year.

Designed to fit the three most popular Wald Sports Bicycle Baskets, our collaboration bags are available in three colours for the 1372, 1392, and 157.

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